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Sergey Goloshapov and Bella Marskaya Show

September 19 and 26, 2015

Exhibition presents the works of remarkable couple, Sergey Goloshapov and Bella Marskaya. Viewers get to explore how these two artists with very different styles and background influence and enrich each other’s work. Viewers will have the opportunity to see Sergey’s legendary illustrations of Brother Grimm Tales as well as reach collection of works on paper and Goloshapov’ new works where artist moves away from the figurative form and experiments with textures and light in his new abstract series. Bella’s works represent more of the sensual side of this partnership. One could say that Bella’s works almost serve as a counterpoint to energy charged, strong and decisive lines of Sergey.

Finally, two styles, two stories, two creative universes come together in a Midnight series -collaborative effort of two artist.

Wine and hor d’oeuvres will be served.
Please RSVP to Irina Clark,

Sergei Goloshapov, was born in Moscow. Sergey graduated from Moscow Polygraph Institute, renowned Russian art school. Many of the best 20th century artists have taught there. Sergey had an opportunity to learn from legendary Dmitry Zhilinky, Andrey Goncharov and Dmitry Bisti-just to name a few. Read more…

Bella Marskaya’s main area of interest in art is to understand the mystery of psychological landscape of human experience, and to search for its fullest graphic expression. Native of St. Petersburg, Russia, Bella emigrated to USA in 1981. She has graduated from Muchina School of Art and Design with an MA in Product Design and from NYU with an MA in Studio Art. Read more…

Photos from the event:

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